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Contact Call to Safety’s 24/7 crisis line for support and information: 1.888.235.5333.

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Learn more about how you can support Call to Safety by clicking on the tabs below...

Do you have old cell phones or tablets lying around? Make a difference in our community! Call to Safety collects cell phones and tablets to distribute them to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Survivors are able to use these cell phones to call 911, allowing immediate help at the touch of a button. Call to Safety also recycles used, old, and broken cell phones. All profits and proceeds are used to fund services for survivors accessing Call to Safety. We accept phones of any quality or condition. They do not need to be working and can have physical damage. We have also recently partnered with Big Sky Recycling. If you mail your cell phone directly to us, it will be used as a 911 phone or we will work directly with our recycling partner who pays us more per phone than Big Sky Recycling does. However, if you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can print out a shipping label through Big Sky Recycling and mail it to them and they will donate a percentage to Call to Safety. For more information on Big Sky Recycling’s partnership with us, please visit their website. Please see below for how we use these phones. 

Do not include cell phone cases, original packaging, additional batteries, or other accessories with your donation. Do not include chargers unless you are donating a working phone in good condition. 

If you have a cell phone you would like to donate you can mail it to:

Call to Safety Cell Phone Project

P.O. Box 42610

Portland, OR 97242

At this time we are only accepting cell phone donations by mail. 


What we do with your phones: Call to Safety uses cell phone donations in a couple different ways. Older phones are packaged up with the charger and some Call to Safety information. These phones are given to survivors so they can make 911 calls for their safety. Smart phones and/or newer models of phones are sent to a cell phone recycling company that recycles the phone and sends us a check for the phones we send them. We use the money we get from the company to fund our services for survivors.

To protect your privacy, we recommend you remove all personal information from your phone before making your donation.

If you have any questions about the cell phone program, you can email the Call to Safety business office at Please do not call us with questions about cell phone donations.

You can help Call to Safety by donating your old vehicle!

Call to Safety is proud to work with the Volunteers of America Oregon Vehicle Donation Program. You can specify Call to Safety to receive the proceeds from the donation of your vehicle. Your car does not have to be running to be donated, it will be picked up free of charge, and 60% of the proceeds will go directly to Call to Safety.

To make your donation go to Charity Connection.Org and fill out the online form. If you would rather Call to Safety submit your donation, please contact us to get started at 503.946.1421 or

Do you hold regular parties with friends throughout the year and want to benefit Call to Safety? Do you and your friends want to give back to your community but don’t know where to start?

A fun and exciting way to raise awareness and resources for Call to Safety is to host a 3rd party benefit event. Our staff will work with you to help make your party a success! Click here for more information.

To inquire about hosting a 3rd party benefit event contact our Development Coordinator, Ryan Peters, at 503.946.1421 or by email at  

We know you give to nonprofits because you want to be part of something great. You want to accomplish something with your charitable giving. A partnership with Call to Safety will bring you those results thanks to our strong reach throughout the metro region; the crucial role we play in the intervention system that supports survivors; and our value driven services that make our community safer, stronger, and more hopeful.

If you are a business or organization interested in giving back, please contact our Development Coordinator, Ryan Peters, at 503.946.1421, or by email at

“For too many years, I compared myself to other survivors. I felt guilty for not healing fast enough and felt too damaged to be loved. That all changed in this last year, since I have been interning at Call to Safety. Due to the amazing support, knowledge, and dedication the staff at Call to Safety have exposed me to, I have grown tremendously and have turned my trauma into fuel to help other survivors.”

— Madison